comander platform

In the broad utilities sector, the metering, diagnostics, control and security infrastructure consists of a large and ever-increasing number of devices that often work in a distributed environment. As a result, it is becoming a challenge to ensure efficient, stable communication and data transmission between these devices and the central systems (which control the entire infrastructure) or billing systems.

Another key issue is the effective management of the entire device population at distributed locations. It is important to provide the tools needed to locate malfunctions and perform initial hardware diagnostics in the event of a failure.

The comander platform – efficient data transmission in utilities systems

The comander platform combines hardware and software into a flexible system that empowers operators with all the functionality they need to effectively manage the communications infrastructure in distribution grids.

The comander platform consists of:

•    Universal comander modems designed to support all types of devices equipped with RS485/RS232 serial interfaces and CL0 current loops
•    Dedicated comander modems that support all types of utility meters
•    amiROUTER advanced industrial-grade routers
•    Connect application to configure and diagnose individual devices remotely or locally
•    amiGO – a central command and control system that manages the communications infrastructure

Our comander routers deliver reliable communication by supporting two redundant communications channels. In addition, they provide encryption and authorization/authentication mechanisms to ensure data security.

Our comander modems are available in a number of versions that support different data transmission technologies, interfaces and additional features. As part of our R&D efforts, we develop new device versions in response to the specific needs of the market and our customers.

Our amiGO command and control software can quickly locate any failures or undesirable events that affect transmission efficiency, delivering diagnostic data for various network parameters (availability, data rate and signal strength, BTS GSM network parameters) in real time. In addition, functional upgrades to devices can be performed quickly and easily by using the automated bulk firmware replacement capability, and the functionality of our communications infrastructure management software can also cover other vendors’ devices.

The comander ecosystem: