Smart Communication

Smart communication in the utilities sector improves customer care and delivers real savings

The utilities sector is increasingly implementing information and communication technologies in areas which previously operated autonomously, without being functionally linked to ICT. For example, utility (electricity, gas or water) meters and city lighting systems used to require direct involvement from engineering teams for both installation and subsequent maintenance.

With the rapid development of communications technologies, especially GSM networks, it is now possible to develop and deploy systems which use fast and reliable data transmission to automate most metering data acquisition, infrastructure management and failure detection processes.

Smart communications devices which are used to meter utilities and manage the urban infrastructure create a smart fabric that supports:

  • Constant monitoring and validation of the system’s operation
  • Quick access to billing and audit data
  • Shorter failure response times and streamlined diagnostics
  • Automated infrastructure management

The implementation of smart communication solutions delivers tangible benefits in terms of customer care and provides real savings.

Smart communication – areas of application

In a utilities infrastructure, the core functionality is provided by devices which, due to their intended purpose, have no communications features. A smart communication system is built by supplementing the infrastructure with smart communications devices and dedicated control/monitoring applications. Our comander solutions serve as the smart connector between the urban or utility infrastructure and central management systems.

Smart Lighting is a proprietary street lighting management solution based on μPORT-Street devices and GSM technology. It enables automatic identification and reporting of all failure events without dispatching actual teams into the field, which significantly reduces failure resolution times. The system monitors street lamp status in real time, and the monitoring and control functions are accessible online from any location at any time.

Smart Readouts is a meter reading system equipped with comander devices that forms part of the SmartLoad Management platform. The solution’s primary function is to enable flexible control of the power grid load based on current power consumption forecasts and knowledge of the grid topology.