Smart Metering

The power grid infrastructure includes a large number of metering points installed at locations distributed across vast areas. Efficient and constant access to these metering points can be achieved thanks to GSM technology by using the existing mobile network infrastructure.

Metering data should be delivered in a timely and secure manner in a format that is friendly to billing, analytics and control systems.

comander modems – efficient transmission of metering data to the central system

Our comander modems are industrial-grade communications devices that enable secure bidirectional communication between metering points and operators’ central systems. The comander family of modems includes:

  • Dedicated modems designed to work with specific types of electricity meters, installed within a meter’s footprint
  • Standalone universal modems that support all metering devices equipped with RS-485, RS-232 or CL0 serial interfaces

While the modems support data transmission initiated by master metering systems, they can also buffer metering data and send it in bulk as defined by the operator.