Mini-PCI Express

The Mini PCI Express modem is a flexible solution that delivers dependable data transfer over GSM networks by using different radio technologies. Thanks to the use of a standard mini PCI Express bus, the device is easy to integrate, and the broad range of modules supplied by Gemalto ensures that an optimal solution can be selected based on current needs.


  • Standard mini PCI Express dimensions: 51 × 30 × 4.7 mm
  • Broad range of operating temperatures: -40 to +85°C
  • LGA module assembly


  • Configuration using AT commands (Hayes, TS 27.007, TS 27.005)
  • RLS Monitoring functionality to detect jamming attempts
  • Built-in support for IP services
  • Functionality to replace communications module firmware via USB
  • Optional GPS/GNSS support


  • Mini PCI Express® Card system connector with support for USB 2.0, 3.3 V power supply, UICC/SIM card interface, 1.8 V/3.0 V and reset line
  • 50 Ω UFL antenna connector
  • Support for the installation of a SIM card reader or Gemalto MIM

Our modems can be equipped with one of the following GSM radio communications modules provided by Gemalto:

  • EHS5/6/8 – HSPA
  • ELS61 – LTE cat. 1
  • ELS81 – LTE cat. 4
  • PDS5/6/8 – HSPA
  • PHS – HSPA+
  • PLS8 – LTE cat. 3