This software product enables remote and local configuration and monitoring of the operating environment for the devices that make up the comander platform. Its modular design makes it easy to develop the application and add support for new features and devices.

The refreshed version offers an improved user experience thanks to a modern, intuitive graphical interface and the ability to recognize devices connected via USB automatically.

The core functionality can be used to:

  • Display basic device information (serial number, IMEI, firmware version, operation mode, installed SIM card, etc.).
  • Configure all operating parameters for modems and routers (serial connection parameters, settings required for SIM card support, advanced watchdog capabilities, network settings, clock synchronization and more).
  • Update comander modem firmware.
  • Diagnose radio module operating parameters (assigned IP address, signal level, operator, currently used BTS and neighboring BTSs).
  • Easily troubleshoot each device by displaying the event log as an easy-to-understand table (which can be saved to a file).
  • Handle reference configuration files (create, save, load).
  • Handle PINs and PUKs for SIM cards.
  • Perform a forced device restart.
  • Restore a device to its factory settings.
  • Use the software’s built-in terminal.

All software functionality can be used locally through a USB cable or remotely over a TCP/IP session or CSD connection.